De Verrekijker may face eviction. Read our statement

De Verrekijker is an open and autonomous space on the VU Amsterdam campus, existing since activists of De Nieuwe Universiteit squatted an empty storage room in May 2015.

We have no rules except don't be an asshole. Tea and coffee is free, with other tasty stuff (sometimes) available on donation.

We run on volunteer basis; no-one gets paid, so don't expect good service or broad menus. If you clean up after yourself you'll make us very happy.

We like the concepts of sharing, trust and kindness. We have racks of clothes for you to take from and add to, drawers full of tools and materials that you can use for your own projects. If you look around you'll probably find other objects of interest as well.

We host events of various kinds, including discussion groups and parties. You're welcome and encouraged to organize any non-profit and non-exclusive events in our space as well!

For the most recent updates about what's going on, find us on Facebook and on Radar or come by and have a chat with us. Don't be shy, we try hard to be nice to everyone who walks in.


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